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Citizen Entrepreneur Search for
Citizen Sandy

Post-Sandy visit to Far RockawayIt is inspiring and heartening to see so many citizens -- whether from nearby neighborhoods or across the country -- pitching in with relief efforts in New York and New Jersey following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The need to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of those affected with shelter, clothing, and food continues, while the focus is slowly beginning to turn to rebuilding.

Earlier this year, we presented our first search for a Citizen Entrepreneur -- a local green hero with a crazy idea to take responsibility for a corner of their world. We had more than 150 people enter or nominate someone they know from all across the U.S., and we picked 13 finalists, all by offering just $1,000 in seed funding. Thanks to supporters, that funding increased so we could offer $8000 to three winners and five runners-up.

Now we want to enlist YOU and get your crazy idea for rebuilding a neighborhood that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We want your submissions now for Citizen Entrepreneurs: Citizen Sandy -- submit your idea -- or nominate someone you know or may have learned about -- for green rebuilding. We are looking for local green, rebuilding projects that can help make your neighborhood more resilient, and help speed a sustainable recovery. Whether it’s a big idea for the whole neighborhood, greening your child's school, or restoring a local park, we want to hear your ideas.

Global Green USA will select one or more project to assist with a seed grant of $1,000 and offer our technical assistance to help with your local green rebuilding projects. With the help of individuals from across the U.S. -- and the world -- we hope the seed funding will grow, as it did in our first Citizen Entrepreneur search. We will choose 10 finalists, then open up the voting online to the public before picking a winner to be awarded the $1000 grant to help seed their green project, or take it to the next milestone.

Global Green is also working to help devastated communities in other ways, much as we did after Hurricane Katrina.

The contest has been closed. You can help by m
aking a donation to help increase the funding we for our Sandy efforts and to support Global Green USA's green rebuilding projects.